Many people do not know what a soffit or a fascia is despite their importance in building a house. This article provides an overview of their definitions, their basics, and their importance.

The fascia board is the part that connects the roof and the outer wall of the house. The correct name for the fascia is the roofline. Fascia refers to the mainboard carrying the gutter.


The fascia is the board on the roof’s lower end. The fascia is directly put on the lower edge of the roof trusses. The fascia board’s primary function is to support the bottom edge…

Planning a paint job at home? Here are a few tips to help you do it like a pro.

Fill in the dents

Dents on walls are a regular occurrence, whether you bumped into something while moving in or found it there. These dents cause an uneven edge, and before you dip into your paint, you need to fill them up. If the dent is large and at a position where someone might hit it again, use a hardening wood filler.

If the dent is smaller, you can use a spackling compound. However, spackling compound tends to shrink when it dries. …

Have you ever noticed that every wall tends to have a particular texture? This happens because different techniques leave certain markings on drywall during the construction process. While it might appear that every wall is different, there are seven different drywall texture types , each with its own aesthetic. Let this serve as your introduction to the categories of textured walls.


This texture leaves a series of rainbow-shaped or circular patterns on the wall. It is obtained by applying drywall compound with a roller, each pass of the trowel creating another line. …

A house fire is one of the most devastating catastrophes that can befall a family. In addition to the costly financial loss incurred, fire is also an immensely traumatic experience for everyone involved. In the very worst scenarios, fires can prove dangerous and even deadly. The best way to fight house fires is by avoiding them altogether. Building a fire-resistant home is all about using the safest materials in the best ways. Keep these tips in mind as you create a home that will avoid dangerous fires .

Use Insulated Concrete Forms For The Foundation

Concrete is a strong material proven to be resistant to the power…

Stairways aren’t just about getting from one floor of your home to another. They can also play a vital role in the look and feel of your home. Stairway designs range from traditional to contemporary to industrial and everything in between. So while they do have a functional purpose within the home, they also can provide a unique aesthetic.

Depending on your budget for your stairway project, the amount of maintenance required for upkeep, and your decor preferences, there are many style options when it comes to flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a classic choice for many homeowners. Hardwood can accommodate…

Some homeowners are abandoning their asphalt shingles for slate when it comes time to have a new roof installed. Before deciding on the type of roof you’d like, learning more about slate roofs can help you make a better-informed decision. The following list of pros and cons can help you decide if you want to have your contractor install a slate roof.

Pest Resistant

Slate is a natural stone, and it’s tough to penetrate. This means squirrels, mice, and birds won’t be able to tear up your roofing materials . This will make nesting on your roof a challenge. …

In a perfect world, every home would come equipped with a large garage. Unfortunately, a lot of homes in large cities do not have them. The best way to rectify this problem is by building a garage addition on your property. Since this is a significant construction project, it is critical to weigh all of your options before making a final decision. These are the four most essential things to think about when building a garage onto your home.

Local Zoning Laws
To make your garage addition legal, you must adhere to the local zoning laws. These laws commonly have…

Hardwood floors offer a classic look that goes well with a variety of styles and homes. Hardwood flooring is warm, durable, and easy to clean. Over time, water damage, pets, and children can damage and warp the floor. Refinishing the flooring will make the wood look brand-new once again. Follow these steps for do-it-yourself floor refinishing .

Clean the Floor
Move out all of the furniture and thoroughly sweep or dust mop. Make a mixture of one part vinegar to 10 parts water and mop the entire floor. Using a mop fitted with a microfiber towel can help clean the…

Gino Capolino, co-founder and managing member of Manhattan-based contractor, Structure NYC

In just a few short weeks, COVID-19 changed everything. No industry has been left untouched, and it’s pretty safe to say that most industries may never look the same again, at least for the foreseeable future.

Few industries have felt the impacts of the global pandemic more than real estate, construction and development. This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise though. Real estate development has always been at the whim of what buyer’s want — a behavior that we know is ever-changing. …

As more people have begun working from home, whether due to the Covid-19 pandemic or the desire for more flexibility, many individuals have started to reconsider the living space in their homes. Some have opted for remodeling their existing space; however, others have decided to go the route of a home addition. While remodels are often less expensive, it depends on the homeowner’s needs and preferences. There are many options to consider when expanding one’s living space. Here are a few types of home additions that homeowners might consider.

Homeowners who need more space but don’t have the finances for…

Gino Capolino

Gino Capolino is a millwork & construction expert and the co-founder of Structure NYC, a contracting & custom millwork design firm.

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